Promoting international markets for Texas products

For ten years in a row Texas has ranked as the leading exporter of products among all 50 states. Exporting products translates into Texas jobs, and Senate District 20 is home to both the Port of Corpus Christi and international bridges that serve as gateways to new markets for Texas products. Billions of dollars pass through our ports of entry and move along our roadways everyday. Senator Hinojosa fought to secure the funding needed to support Texas exports and Texas jobs.

  • Helped secure millions in funding to fast track the opening of the Anzalduas International Bridge.
  • Secured millions in funding to expand Highway 2 (Expressway 83) and build new overpasses.
  • Supported constitutional amendment HJR1 so that $1.2 billion per year will be used to enhance our statewide transportation infrastructure.
  • Secured $681 million from TxDOT for the Harbor Bridge Replacement.
  • Secured funding for the construction of the Joe Fulton Corridor, which will help stimulate trade and commerce for the Port and Coastal Bend.
  • Passed legislation for the Overweight/Oversized Corridor to help our produce industry and commerce coming from south of the border. This infrastructure will spur our region’s economic development efforts by promoting trade and attracting jobs and investments.