Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa Files for Re-Election to the Texas Senate

Today, Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa filed for re-election to the Texas Senate. Senator Hinojosa seeks to continue his work for Senate District 20 by providing for an educated and healthy workforce, investing in critical infrastructure, protecting our communities, creating jobs, lowering taxes, and furthering economic development. He has proven session after session that his approach to public policy and his decisions on legislation are driven by what is best for our South Texas families.

Senator Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“I am honored to serve the people of Senate District 20. There are continuing challenges and issues we need to resolve, and I am running for re-election to continue working to find solutions that benefit our communities and our state.

As Vice Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, I have worked tirelessly to take care of the needs of our families. With the surplus funds we have had the past two sessions, I have focused on legislation and funding that increases access to quality education, affordable healthcare, safe communities, and providing tax relief for homeowners and businesses.

To ensure that our future generations, our children and grandchildren, have the resources they need to thrive, I have secured funding and supported investments in infrastructure projects including broadband, water, roads, and the electric grid. I also remain committed to supporting policies and programs that create jobs, provide training opportunities, like apprenticeships, and enhance scholarship funding for students.

As a border state, we must address the issues surrounding border security effectively. As a lifelong border resident, I understand the importance of finding comprehensive solutions that prioritize the safety and well-being of all Texans. I am committed to border security and continuing to work collaboratively to find solutions that protect our communities while upholding our values and treating everyone with dignity and respect.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the people of Senate District 20. Together, we can overcome the challenges and address the problems identified during the pandemic and the electric grid crisis. Together we can ensure a brighter and stronger future for all Texans. I humbly ask for your support and vote to continue our teamwork in benefiting our communities.”

Senator Hinojosa has received the prestigious honor of being named “Top Ten Best Legislators” for Texas Monthly magazine three times and named “Top Ten Legislator” by Capitol Inside three times.

Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa proudly represents the counties of Nueces (part), Jim Wells, Brooks, and Hidalgo (part). Senator Hinojosa currently serves as Vice-Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, Vice Chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Redistricting, and serves on the Senate Committees on Border Security; Criminal Justice; and Jurisprudence.

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