Senator Hinojosa’s Statement on Drawing a Two-Year Term

AUSTIN, TX — The Texas Constitution requires all Texas Senate members elected after redistricting to draw lots to determine who will serve a two-year or four-year term. After that, senators serve four-year terms for the next decade. Yesterday, senators drew lots for term length and Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa drew a two-year term.

Senator Hinojosa released the following statement after drawing a two-year term:

“I am honored that the voters of Senate District 20 have placed their trust in me by re-electing me in 2020 and 2022. By drawing a two-year term, I look forward to the opportunity for re-election next year. I will work tirelessly this session to continue addressing issues that are a priority for our families, the business community, and that improve our quality of life and the Texas economy. I will do so by focusing on bread and butter issues such as education, health care, inflation, job training, and investing in infrastructure.”

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