Texas Gains Two New Congressional Districts

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Today, the United States Census Bureau announced the apportionment count based on the 2020 Census. This count revealed that Texas will add two new Congressional districts due to its rapidly growing population. This means Texas will now have 38 Congressional districts. Senator Hinojosa (Vice Chair – Senate Special Committee on Redistricting) issued the following statement:

“Today’s announcement affirms what we already know – Texas is growing rapidly. This is especially true among minority communities. While we do not have the demographic breakdown of Texas’ population growth, according to the State Demographic Center minority populations account for 83.6%, or 5 out of every 6 new residents.

I am confident that when the detailed data is provided later this fall it will confirm this rapid growth in minority communities, especially the Hispanic community. I have seen this growth first hand in the Rio Grande Valley and across the state, especially in urban and suburban areas.

The bedrock principle of our democracy is that we are fairly and adequately represented by our elected representatives. As such, when the new Texas Congressional districts are drawn, those districts should be located in the areas that experienced this rapid growth. That means communities like the Rio Grande Valley and large urban areas should increase their representation. But it is not enough to just draw the new districts in these areas; these new districts must be drawn to provide a meaningful opportunity for those minority communities to elect the candidates of their choice, as required by the Voting Rights Act. I am confident that if we strictly adhere to the requirements of the Voting Rights Act, we can arrive at a Congressional map that is fair and provides all Texans a true chance of having their voice represented in the halls of Congress.”

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