AUSTIN – Yesterday, the Texas Transportation Commission approved more than $4.16 million in grants from the Texas Mobility Fund for the Port of Corpus Christi to be used to improve intersections and construct a dedicated truck queuing lane on the Joe Fulton International Trade Corridor.

This grant is being awarded pursuant to a budget rider specifically for ports approved by the legislature the past two sessions. As Vice Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa worked this session to secure $40 million from the Texas Mobility Fund to be allocated to provide funding for port capital improvement projects selected statewide by the Port Authority Advisory Committee and approved by the Texas Transportation Commission.

Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa offered the following comments:

“Congratulations to the Port of Corpus Christi on receiving a $4.16 million grant from the Texas Transportation Commission for the improvement of the Joe Fulton International Trade Corridor. This is an important project for Nueces County as we continue to expand our infrastructure, increase safety, and invest in our local transportation system.

I am proud to have played a significant role the past two sessions in securing funds for port capital improvement projects. We must continue to prepare for growth and to increase funding so that more projects may be supported. Dedicating critical investments to our ports is dedicating ourselves to a competitive and profitable economic future for all Texans.”

The grant award approved today, along with the previous grants funded by this rider, bring the total to almost $6 million in grant funding for the Port of Corpus Christi.

Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa proudly represents the counties of Nueces, Jim Wells, Brooks, and Hidalgo (part). Senator Hinojosa served as the Senate President Pro Tempore of the Texas Senate in the 84th Texas Legislature. Senator Hinojosa currently serves as Vice-Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, and serves on the Senate Committees on Natural Resources & Economic Development, Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs and Transportation.

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