Leading S. TX Property Rights Group Endorses Senator Hinojosa

South Texans’ Property Rights Association Throws Weight Behind Sen. Hinojosa

(Senate District 20) — Senator Hinojosa’s campaign for re-election has earned the endorsement of yet another prominent local group in South Texas. The South Texans’ Property Rights Association (STPR-PAC), in a letter dated August 20, 2012, announced their support for Senator Hinojosa’s re-election bid. STPRA serves and represents private landowners of over five million acres of private property.

Susan Durham, Executive Director of STPRA, issued the following statement on STPRA’s endorsement of Senator Hinojosa:

Senator Hinojosa has been a champion of property rights and his work with us on border security, landowner liability, Texas Trans Corridor, and other regional and local issues has earned him our resounding endorsement. Private property owners and managers need and count on Senator Hinojosa’s leadership and experience to stand up to those who would infringe on our property rights. It is clear that Senator Hinojosa is the best candidate in the race to advocate on the behalf of all property owners.

Senator Hinojosa issued the following statement regarding STPRA’s endorsement:

Since the founding of our Nation and the days of Thomas Jefferson, property rights have been the cornerstone of our liberty and freedom. To own private land is to own a piece of the American dream and that is worth protecting. The dominion that is one’s land deserves protection from the infringement of trespassers and sometimes even government. I am honored to have earned the endorsement of STPRA and will continue to fight for the preservation of property rights and against the infringement of those rights.

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