Local Independent Pharmacists Choose Senator Hinojosa

RGIPA cites Hinojosa’s “Dedication and Relentless Support” in Endorsement

(Senate District 20) — On August 26, 2012, the Rio Grande Valley Independent Pharmacy Association (RGIPA) endorsed Senator Hinojosa as their candidate of choice in Senate District 20. RGIPA serves and represents the interests of over 138 local independent pharmacies in South Texas. RGIPA along with American Pharmacies earlier named Senator Hinojosa “Friend of Texas Pharmacy.”

Dr. John P. Calvillo, President of RGIPA issued the following statement:

“Senator Hinojosa’s dedication and relentless support of initiatives that promote the health and well being of our residents motivates us to continue to support his re-election bid. As an agent of progress and change, we rest assured that Senator Hinojosa’s experience will once again prove invaluable to our residents and all Texans.”

Senator Hinojosa issued the following statement on RGIPA’s endorsement:

“I am honored and humbled to have the full backing and support of our local pharmacists. This endorsement is particularly important because I believe RGIPA knows that they cannot operate and provide their important healthcare services under the policies that my opponent supports. I will continue to fight for our local independent pharmacies so that their doors remain open.  As small businesses, these local independent pharmacies create jobs. As health care service providers, these local independent pharmacies increase access to essential health care and medical needs to our neighbors. There is too much at stake in this re-election and I am proud to have the endorsement of this important community organization.”

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