See who is standing with Chuy …

And you’ll see that real leadership that produces
real results earns real support.

10/24/2012 The political action committee for the Texas Society for Professional Engineers, today endorsed Senator Hinojosa.

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Texas AFT:

“The voters of Senate District 20 are fortunate to have a true friend of public education and of Texas schoolchildren representing them in the Texas Senate. Legislative session after legislative session, Chuy Hinojosa has proven he understands the importance of educational opportunity for our students from pre-K through higher education.”

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“I’m pleased to inform you that you have received the endorsement of TPACE… We very much look forward to working with you in the next legislative session.”

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League of Conservation Voters:

“Senate District 20 has benefited from Senator Hinojosa’s leadership in the State Senate and Senate Natural Resources Committee. He has been a leader on environmental issues in the Senate and beyond… Senator Hinojosa is the right choice for a district which is home to a swiftly growing population and a significant industrial, energy, and transportation infrastructure.”

10-05-2012 The Texas Farm Bureau endorsed Senator Hinojosa for re-election today. Please read TFB’s letter here

“The candidate best suited to promote a better business climate in Texas.”
-Texas Association of Business (BACPAC)

“The candidate best suited to benefit Texas school children and those serve them in public schools.”
-American Federation of Teachers-Texas

“The strongest supporter of public education and public school educators in the race.”
-Texas State Teachers Association

“Senator Hinojosa’s re-election is in the best interest of health care in the state of Texas and thus in the best interest of his constituents.”
-Texas Medical Association

“We need lawmakers like Hinojosa who understand the critical role homeowners play in keeping our state prosperous, which is why we’ve pledged our full support.”
– Texas Association of Realtors